Works on 60 - 340hz

Even on 60hz/low FPS screens ViperCheats works amazing.


Automatic configured - No setup!

There is no Setup required, easy simple startup and play!


Accurate Triggerbot

ViperCheats is a very accurate, easy to use Triggerbot.

Powered by Skyrant Core!

ViperCheats is powered by Skyrant Core - https://skyrant.net
ViperCheats is Skyrant but a lot cheaper and more userfriendly.

On the screenshot on the left you can see how userfriendly and simplistic designed Vipercheats actually is, anyone can kill with ViperCheats!

High Accuracy Sniping!

ViperCheats also works perfect with Snipers, with very high accuracy you will never miss a headshot again, some say that this is a true sniper bot!

We've contacted a lot of customers from other triggerbots to see how we can be better than the rest, and sniper compatibility was something that all triggerbots didn't have yet, so we made it our goal to support snipers 100% and we succeeded.

Live Detection Scanning

ViperCheats is external and very safe but for extra safety we also offer private builds and everyone can enjoy our Live Detection Scanner.

As soon as your build gets detected, the tool will automatically be closed and will also terminate Valorant instantly to guarantee a quick disconnection and anonymity


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common frequently asked questions

What is ViperCheats?

ViperCheats is a brand focussed at developing software that enhances your gameplay experience in various games such as Valorant, Overwatch and Paladins. Our first product is this unique Valorant Triggerbot and we hope you enjoy it.

Do i need to do any weird or difficult settings?

No there is no setup, the tool is automatically configured when starting up.

How can i get support?

Create an account on our forums at https://forums.skyrant.net/

How can i contact you?

Create an account on our forums at https://forums.skyrant.net

Vipercheats does not work what now?

Create an account on our forums at https://forums.skyrant.net

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